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Quick Links:

------National Helpline------ 800-662-4357 (help)

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services 

Suboxone™ helpline 877-782-6966 (877 Suboxone)

Opioid overdose signs

Call 911

Falling asleep or loss of consciousness, limp body

Unusual snoring

Slow, shallow breathing

Choking or gurgling sounds

Small,constricted pupils

Pale, blue, or cold skin

   Source: CDC website:


Free Downloads

Questionaires for selecting:



-Detox / Rehab Center

Parent self-assessment for:

-Early Intervention Prevention

-Addiction IQ / Actions taken


Proactive Groups

Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP)
Andrew Kolodny, MD

Executive Director


Advocates for Opioid Recovery

Evidence-based interventions and medication-assisted treatment. Excellent summary and advocacy. Founders: Patrick Kennedy,
Newt Gingrich,
and Van Jones



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George J. Andrew, MPA



I manage this website by myself because I am the father of an opioid-addicted son, now deceased. I will update and further develop this site to educate and empower parents that have children with opioid use disorder.

If any specific content, downloads, or hyperlinks have helped you or your adult child, please write me and let me know. 
That said, since I am still working as a social worker, I may not be able to respond to every email.

My hope and intent is that someone reading this website or my upcoming book will quickly learn about what to expect with opioid addiction, and to eliminate the slow learning curve. I believe acquring knowledge early on will facilitate thoughtful exploration of options, resources, and pivotal decisions. To that end, please add the hyperlink to other web pages if you feel this material can benefit other parents in need of information.

The content and tools of my website can hopefully make a positive difference to you and your child regarding actions taken in overcoming their opioid use disorder with the goal of preventing an overdose death. From one parent to another, I can now say I do truely understand. I hope your adult child regains their health, zest for life and has a sober future in the road ahead.